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Thanks for stopping by our site. We are in business to HELP YOU enter the VACATION RENTAL business. This is one of the most exciting businesses to be in. Your customers are going on vacation, so in general they are very happy people and they are helping to pay off your investment property! How do you beat that?

With over 15 years of experience in the real estate business, starting with appraising properties, both residential and commercial I moved over to the sales side of real estate. Being a REALTOR for over 14 years has helped me understand how many real estate markets work.

I also have 6 years experience in e-commerce starting and operating e-commerce businesses. Based on my background and desire to own a vacation rental unit, I bought my first unit in Destin Florida in 2001. I looked at numerous units, both condo's and houses and decided based on my personal taste, rent potential and location to buy

The long story short, we left it with the local management company to run for the first year. That was a financial disaster. They had no idea who was coming or going. The unit was empty during prime weeks; they ran other units and had no idea who I was. We lost over $15,000 the first year "feeding" our DREAM!

After lengthy research online I decided to jump in and run the unit myself starting the second year. Since I had my $15,000 education, I figured I could not do any worse than the management company. After many hours online and now with years of testing our ideas with multiple units, we have formatted a very successful way to run your VACATION RENTALS FOR PROFIT.

We now have started this site to help others who may want to enter this business. It was very hard for me to find good information on how to do this. We are happy to help new owners or current owners start operating their units properly and turning a profit. If you are going to do it, do it right. We will help you!

We now own 3 units in Destin Florida, we have numerous other units being built in other areas of Florida and in foreign countries. We really think the vacation rental market is here to stay. We have also developed the first of its kind, totally automated vacation rental web site for owners that run their own units. You can now take a booking online, just like a hotel, with credit card processing at This site takes out all the guess work of running your business. You even get a FREE 30 day trial just to try it out!

If you are thinking about buying a unit or if you are struggling with your current unit, give us a try. We are here to help. We can lay the ground work for you to instantly make your unit a cash flow machine. Feel free to contact me for a FREE Consultation.

Good renting and we hope to hear from you soon!

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