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  Once you have a unit, you need to take bookings! The newest product in the Vacation Rental market is

This is a patent pending system to run your business. Before the guest would have to contact you by phone or email. You would then have to get to them some type of contract or lease. That would take hours of work and then it may take days or weeks to hear back from the guest IF they decided to sign your documents and mail them back to you. Double bookings where common as owners never knew exactly who was mailing back a lease and who was not. That was then, this is now�

Guests want things fast and simple. gives you the ability to accept online bookings and INSTANTLY have a legally binding agreement with your guest and by using the automated online credit card process, you have the rent! Could you image calling a Holiday Inn and they tell you they will email, fax or mail you an agreement and you would have to sign it and mail it back to them? Not in today's high speed world of the internet.

Think about this; if you wanted to book a VACATION RENTAL and you found 3 units in the same area, one had online booking and the other 2 did not, who would you book with? Would you take the time to call the owner, leave voice mails, wait for them to return your calls and then wait for the paperwork and then be forced to go to work to book the unit? Not any more! With you can take a booking in minutes, have the money in your account and your guest will love it. The easier you make it on them, the more business you will attract. Your guest will take the path of least resistance. Be sure you are the path of least resistance!

Answer this question; "In the future, will there more or less people wanting to book their vacation online with a credit card?" Now where do you fit in?

We recommend as your first place to list your unit and run you business. We also suggest you research the area you are in to find additional rental web sites to subscribe to. Then you direct all your inquires to your listing on

Here are some tips on using

If you get a phone call about your unit, from any source, direct them to your unit on Your listing has a number. Example: "Thanks for the interest in the week of June 22 Mr. Jones, to book it online, please go to , unit number 1234 and click on the week you want to book. We will both be notified by email once you complete the booking process. Thanks for staying with us."

You have total control over who books your unit. The owner must CONFIRM the reservation to be valid. You can call the guest and ask any questions you want to make sure you are comfortable with them using your unit.

Apply for the Secure Pay Merchant Service. Guest really like using credit cards online. More and more owners are accepting them. The ones that don't WILL have less business in the future. That is GUARANTEED. Can you imagine your local clothing store not taking credit cards? They don't want to miss out on the business, so why would you want to miss out on these customers? One more booking a year more than pays for any fees you may incur.

Use the best pictures you have. If you don't have any, take new ones. Guest love great looking pictures. Show your unit off! You get 9 photos with the system. You can change the photos at any time. You are in total control of your business with

Create links in your return emails that promote you have ONLINE BOOKING. Use the URL of your unit on as the link the guest can click to book your unit. Most email systems allow you to set up your SIGNATURES so you can accomplish this.

If you have other web sites for your unit, put the link to and promote your ability to accept online booking. Something like, "Click here to book my unit" This will help direct your guest to book your unit online.

The has many more benefits then we have listed here. For only $29 a month and you get a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL to try it out, you have nothing to lose. Don't be left behind. Join today!

Once you have a unit, you need to take bookings! The newest product in the Vacation Rental market is Join Now - Seminars and Book for Your Vacation Rental - Seminars for your vacation rental. Help with running your vacation rental for profit. Book for how to run your vacation rental by owner. - vacation rental seminar, seminars for vacation rentals, vacation rental by owner training, online vacation rentals, vacation home rental by owner, vacation rental booking, vacation rental homes by owner, vacation rental online, vacation rental software

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