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Voice Testimonial 1
La Villa Di Capo

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Voice Testimonial 2
Blue Tides

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Case Study 1

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Case Study 2
Grand Caribbean 301

Case Study 323
Case Study 3
A Hidden Paradise
ivacationonline Property #485
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Voice Testimonial 1

  La Villa Di Capo
  15 Ruby Cove
  Destin, FL. 32550

  Property #485
ivacationonline Property #497
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Voice Testimonial 2

  Blue Tides
  1380 W Lagoon Ave, Unit A
  Gulf Shores, AL. 36542

  Property #497
Voice Testimonial 3

  A Slice of Heaven
  524 Beach Road, Unit D
  Sarasota, FL. 34242

  Property #457

ivacationonline Property #457
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ivacationonline Property #448
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Voice Testimonial 4

  Florida Vacation House
  Near Mickey Mouse

  217 Battlegrove Drive
  Davenport, FL. 33837

  Property #448


Dear Joe,

You and have been a financial lifesaver for my wife, Linda, and me! We have owned our vacation home, located near Disney World in Florida, for three years. For the first two and one half years we depended upon local management companies to rent and care for our house. Although the management companies did a good job of cleaning and maintaining our house, they did a poor job in advertising and renting out our house, as it was rented less than a dozen times during that two and one-half year period. In less than six months, using and with your help, we have rented our house more than a dozen times! The difference has been like day and night. We were on the verge of being forced to sell our vacation house due to the lack of income to pay our mortgage and other expenses related to our vacation home. Our dream of continued ownership of our vacation home was in jeopardy. However, thanks to and with the help and advice you have provided, we will not only be able to keep our vacation house but we are talking about the possibility of buying another vacation house! This simply would not have been possible without your system.

  The system does it all. From the beginning, when the house is advertised, to the end, when the tenant is sent a professional looking e-mail thanking them for renting the house, and in between, when the house is booked online with a merchant account that you helped me establish, the system is incredible!

  I am very grateful for I am also very grateful for the time you have taken and your patience in answering all of my questions in helping me to set up and to operate the system. I simply cannot say thank you enough����THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Mike Kreinhop, Owner
Unit 448
217 Battlegrove Drive
Davenport, Florida 33837
ivacationonline Property #205
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Case Study 1

  13 Cottage Row
  Destin, FL. 32550

  Property #205

Dear Joe,

  I wanted to write you to THANK YOU for your assistance in the purchase of my "First" Vacation Rental! Living in California and running a Vacation Rental in Florida was a very intimidating idea. Once you showed me your system I was ready to give it a try. I wanted to report to you that our first year has been great and I can't believe we have grossed over $50,000 in rent and the year is just half over!

  I could not afford to pay a management company 30% to 40% and still be able to afford my new vacation home. All the fears I had, have been addressed and handled. The online booking of gives me the power of the Internet at my finger tips. It is so cool to open my email and have found a booking and $3,000 has been deposited into my account. It is a seamless system that handles every aspect of this business. My guests also love the ease and quickness it provides them. I know for a fact I have gotten bookings just because it is easy to use and I take credit cards online and other owners do not.

  I have recommended your service to many of my friends. It is crazy to go into the Vacation Rental business without your help! THANK YOU and please don't hesitate to use me as a reference in the future! You have made my Dream of owning a Beach House a reality! Happy renting!

Scott Corey
Case Study 2

  Grand Caribbean 301
  3191 Scenic Hwy 98
  Destin, FL. 32541

  Property #218
ivacationonline Property #218
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  I have been renting my condo via the Internet for 6 years now and I am so glad that we have discovered! Using this site has simplified my life so much! I no longer worry about losing a potential customer because of waiting for a deposit check and lease to arrive. I can now book online and monitor all the information needed for rentals on one site. The spreadsheet makes tax time a breeze as well. Thank you Joe Godar for providing this valuable service!


Kathy Shampine
Grand Caribbean West LLC
ivacationonline Property #323
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Case Study 3

  A Hidden Paradise
  421 Forrest Springs Drive
  Gatlinburg, TN. 37738

  Property #323

   I just wanted to share with the group how pleased I am with Mr.Godar's reservation system. This program has made my transition into renting by owner a very easy one. Some owners may be more "hands on" than me, but I am all for simplifying. So far, I usually respond to an inquiry in the usual way, but also include my link to

   My rental contract/terms of use is/are there for potential renters to read. Then if the inquiry turns to a booking, I either walk the renter through the process on the phone or I simply send the link again. I have already gone in and set the rates, deposit, and whether the guest will pay by credit card or check. Then the reservation comes to me to approve. So far, all my reservations have been from people I have already been in contact with via phone or e-mail, so I approve the reservation. All the approved reservations are saved in a lease section and then I can watch to see when a payment is due and send a friendly e-mail (address is set up in the system along with a ready to use format- so convenient) with the balance due. When the total amount has been paid, I then e-mail my "access" information with one click of the mouse. I returned my first renter's security deposit with one click, too. I also have the option of sending e-mails to the renter through the system. All my income is collected in a spreadsheet separated by income and what taxes I have collected so I can tell in one glance what I need to send in for taxes. The system lets me "figure" the total rental amount by going in and clicking on the date of arrival and departure- it's so easy.

   I've had 2 renters who have added a day to their stay since it was so easy to go in and add. I only had to go into Secure Pay and add the day's rent. I just wanted others to be aware of how great the program is- a real time saver for me. There are webinars on the web site which explain how each part works if you are interested. Mr. Godar has been great to work with- he's e-mailed and called to help me when I first started. Really it's so simple, even I can do it! Well worth the $29 each month to me!
Here's my link if you want to see what it looks like:
Click Here

  The online booking is what I like best- so far I've only had one guest pay with check. I'm willing to pay the credit card fees in exchange for the simplicity of the system.

  Lisa Faust
Case Study 4

  Destin Riviera
  215 Rue St Tropez
  Destin, FL. 32550

  Property #422
ivacationonline Property #422
 Click To View This Listing is nothing less than revolutionary! I have several businesses that I own and have little time to manage property that I rent. But I did not want to pay a rental management company 35% of my rental income. IVOL makes it so simple that the time involved is negligible. Once I did the initial set-up, I don't even send 1 hour a week managing the properties. Everything, including scheduling the cleaning company is handled online and automatically. I get an email that lets me know I have a new renter and all I have to do to is go online and approve them. It's that simple! has literally put thousands of dollars into my pocket.

  I have no idea how other owners are keeping up with running their units without a system like this. Thanks for bringing this to the market!

Al S.
Destin Oasis, Destin Riviera
ivacationonline Property #320
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Case Study 5

  Princesa Penthouse
  Princesa C505
  Rocky Point, Sonora.

  Property #320


I reviewed many products before selecting yours. Your product was hands down the simplest to setup and is the simplest to use at a price thousands less then other products I was considering. Your product delivered everything you promised it would and more. The support you have provided is second to none and your willingness to make changes to enhance the effectiveness of your product has impressed me to no end. I can only hope it will be a while before my competition finds your products as ivacationonline gives me a definite advantage over them. My condos are filling up and the amount of effort has been minimal. The best thing is since it is web based I can use it anywhere I might be and I travel a lot. Do you have lifetime membership pricing??


  Kurt Geisler
Case Study 6

  I thought your presentation was great! I can say that the registration fee was a great value considering it also included your book in addition to a load of other great information. All I can say is that if anyone that was there doesn't follow your lead or study your book they're missing huge opportunities. I've made it through the first four chapters tonight and had to bookmark (kids' bedtime). My goal is to read it and highlight once this week and then begin studying it hard next week. I'm very excited about learning your system and getting started. I want to be able to give a solid testimonial like the others on your website (and then some).

Have a great night and thanks again!

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