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Consulting Services

We are in the business of getting YOU into business. We are here to help you through the maze of problems that exist when buying a VACATION RENTAL unit. We have a service to GUIDE you through the process of buying and operating a VACATION RENTAL UNIT.

"I have a $1.4M home in Destin; FL. VRA approached me in the middle of January 2008 after I had booked "$0" rentals for the season. As of today, March 1, 2008, my property "Destin Riviera" has 30 booked rentals and over $80K in rents! VRA knows how to get results!" A. Short, Florence, KY.

Vacation Rental Associates, LLC
Consulting Services

Are you struggling to figure out how to make your vacation rental property cash flow or even just get bookings? Are you disappointed with the results and returns from the "management company"? Not sure where to turn?

Don't feel all alone! Many owners of vacation rental properties feel the same way! Many owners are very successful and busy business people! Many think they simply do not have the time or experience to successfully market and rent their own property. Most owners are forced to turn their investment over to a local or regional management company! Your property becomes one of thousands in a rental pool. The management company controls your level of success and absorbs all you profit potential. Sound familiar?

Until now, the owner was left with very few choices! Working with the owners, Vacation Rental Associates, LLC, and can empower you to cut through the fog of successful vacation rentals. We are consultants and will deploy a customized, comprehensive marketing strategy tied together with our own on-line management software program to make booking and managing your vacation rental much easier than ever imagined.

VRA will set up your own website addresses and even offer you an optional custom web homepage in our booking software. We enable the owners monitor their rental success 24/7 from anywhere in the world through the internet. Best of all you immediately receive 100% of your rental transactions in your own account.

Owning an asset and not maximizing potential income does not make sense in today's economic times. Vacation Rentals are our business. Let us share our success with you and help to optimize returns on your vacation rental properties.

Owner Benefits

Most vacation rental properties are not operated at annual high occupancy levels. Most struggle to find a few quality bookings a year. That is where VRA comes in. We have developed a "system" of running a vacation rental at possible 90% - 100 % occupancy! So if you are grossing maybe $10,000 to $20,000 a year on your own or with a traditional Management Company, we can take that to much higher levels. You may be able to experience rental income of $50,000 to $100,000 per year with a quality rental program.

The bottom line - we get results! VRA doesn't make money unless our owners are renting their properties! VRA has literally "written the book" on how to do this and developed the systems and software from the ground up. Now you can take advantage of our success!

VRA, LLC and will even send you a copy of our book, Vacation Rentals for Profit at no charge if you decide to sign on to our program. This book has been described as the manual for being successful in the vacation rental business.


We (VRA, LLC) will work hand in hand with the owner. The owner will have access to all the details of the process.

  • The owner will maintain a merchant account thru and The owner receives 100 % of the rent revenues up front for all transactions.
  • VRA will invoice and charge the owners provided credit card a consulting fee of 15% at the end of every month on the gross revenues for the prior month.
  • VRA must approve all properties before enlisting our services.
  • VRA requires a 1 year consulting agreement and a list of acknowledgements be signed and agreed upon before any implementation will occur.
  • Owner agrees to an annual minimum advertising budget of $1,500 per property per year.
  • Our Services include the following...

  • Provide the guide Vacation Rentals for Profit by Joe Godar.
  • Consulting with owners to ensure they understand steps required to deploy a successful rental business.
  • Set up management and booking software for each listing.
  • Consult and teach owner how to efficiently use the management and booking software.
  • Set up advertising and marketing on multiple web portals.
  • Obtain a gmail email address.
  • Obtain a web domain name and build an optimized web home page to display all owners' properties in one location on
  • (1) Year template homepage (Free $99 value!)
  • " VRA will search and obtain at client's expense 1 web address per property, optimized with keywords and meta-tags. Additional names and keywords can be obtained. ALL Web Addresses are intellectual property of VRA, LLC and can be transferred to client upon execution of buyout clause in VRA engagement agreement.
  • Build Picasa photo album with owner provided pictures, slide shows of property, amenities and area.
  • Optimize properties for natural search engine (SEO) success.
  • Set up Analytics program to monitor SEO success and optimization.
  • We are not a booking agency, we are a consulting company. We do not book properties for our VRA clients; we build the marketing strategy and provide the tools for you to run a highly successful Vacation Rental Business.

    Owners Costs and Responsibilities

    The owner will be responsible for the following non-inclusive list of responsibilities and costs.

  • Reply to renters inquiries via phone and email.
  • Manage online booking process for the property and keep the guest informed during the process.
  • Locate and hire a local manager for property maintenance and turn over cleaning.
  • Advertising costs of property on Internet web portals.
  • NOTE: Owner agrees to an annual minimum advertising budget of $1,500 per property per year. VRA will not accept clients who do not agree to this term.
  • management software site.
  • High quality professional photos.
  • Merchant services through
  • Merchant service accounts with Amex and Discover.
  • Property cleaning and routine maintenance.
  • Updating of property.
  • Utilities and home services.
  • Association fees and dues.
  • Business license, permits and taxes.
  • Other cost not listed here.
  • Joe Godar
    Don Wilkymacky

    Vacation Rental Associates, LLC

    For Owners References
    Joe's Vacation Rental Blog
    How would you like to have a website like this?
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    Consulting fee $2499

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